Prayer, Praise, and Faith in Homeschooling

I had the privilege of interviewing Melanie Young of Raising Real Men during their Come Away Marriage Retreat last weekend.

I asked her about the role of prayer in her homeschool and family.

And we talked about her priorities for what she wants to make sure her children learn before they leave home.

I asked her to share with us about how to help our children develop their own relationship with God.

She divulged a little about the surprising way God has led them into full-time ministry and the circumstances that led them to write books and become full-time homeschool speakers.

We finished up with how to deal with anxiety and some stories about how God helped Melanie to learn to trust Him more.

It was a pleasure to talk with Melanie and get to know her better.

We have learned a lot from her and her husband, Hal, at their marriage retreats. We have gone to the last three that they have offered. It has been very good for our marriage, and the time away alone together has been refreshing and inspiring.

This season of our lives is being enhanced and improved by our times at the Come Away Marriage Retreats offered by Hal and Melanie Young.

Find them at http://www.raisingrealmen.com and find articles, information and products that will help you raise young men and women to be godly offspring. They have teaching that will lead you toward attaining the best marriage possible. With these major building blocks in place in your family you can start to live the life that God has intended for you.

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