Build Your Brain By Thinking on Good Things!

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist who bases her research, clinical practice and teachings on biblical principles, says that the mind can change the brain. Through scientific research she has found that –

“Thoughts are real things that occupy mental real estate. You are as intelligent as you want to be! As we are thinking, we are choosing and are building thoughts inside our brain.
Learning is a process of building thoughts inside of your brain.”

Applying this to our lives and relationships, she says that:

“The truth of the matter is that you cannot control the events and circumstances of your life, but you can control your reactions to those events and circumstances.”

So we should change our way of thinking and be nice to our brains. And build better brains. When we think incorrectly, we actually do brain damage!

And we make our body sick. Stress causes disease, and thinking wrongly produces stress.

We are wired for love. We have to learn fear.


Instead of letting your mind do these things:

-Shaking your fist at God about your situation

-Being angry at your husband

-Being frustrated at your children


-Being angry at someone for what they said about you or did to you


We should:


-Be thankful for what God has done for us

-Think on the Word

-Dwell on God’s promises

-Take our thoughts captive


You choose what to think about. You choose where to direct your attention.

-~- So what do you choose to think about?-~-

~ Do you think about the Word?

~ Do you dwell on negative, hurtful things that have been done to you?

~ Do you think about how bad things are in the world?

Watch this video and hear what Dr. Caroline Leaf has to say about how to rewire your brain by not thinking toxic thoughts. You can even change your genes by thinking correctly!!!

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