Morgan’s Achievement!

Morgan's violin poster

Morgan is now a movie star!

Well, not yet.

But he could be someday.

He went through acting and modeling classes at John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center this spring and summer. He completed 30 weeks of classes. He was a star pupil from what I understand. He came home with tales of how he amazed and entertained his class and teachers every week. They all really seemed to like and admire him. It was a very good experience for him.

At the graduation, they dressed up to the theme of “A Masquerade”. We worked really hard to gather all of the pieces for his costume for the runway and for his monologue.

Here is his walk on the runway in costume:

He dressed up as a magician for his monologue.

He did so great!

Here is his monologue:


And here are some photos of us with him at his graduation:



20150801_152902 (1)

And here’s one of the pictures from the day of his photo shoot for his portfolio. I took this one before our photographer, Mike Rovak, arrived.

20150808_130551-2 (1)

Now Morgan is ready for auditions and ready to get to work. He’s very ready to make some money!

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