Our Mini Farm Dream

I think I want a Mini Farm.

And on this farm we’ll have some —

mini moos

Mini Moos


These cute sheep

mini goats

Mini goats

mini horse

Mini horses

mini donkey

And mini donkeys

And to help us get started even before we own a farm we got these mini pigs:

guinea pig bubbles

guinea pig lily

guinea pig nugget

Also known as GUINEA PIGS!

We are practicing our feeding skills, watering skills and giving them exercise. Katie is our resident expert. She has done lots of research so that we know how to care for them. She has learned what their different squeals mean. She can understand them. She is the Guinea Pig Whisperer.

So that is our dream of a mini farm! At least, I think it would be funny to have a mini-farm that is really made up of mini animals. Some of the kids have pointed out to me how difficult it would be to milk a cow that is barely off of the ground.

I told Abby that maybe we would have one full-size milk cow so that we could get milk from it. I’m sure there would be other problems associated with only having mini animals. And many problems associated with having MANY animals.

But for now, it’s a cute dream.

We would definitely have a CUTE mini farm.

Don’t you think?

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