Family Fun in Ohio in the Middle of March

My dad had a stroke at the end of February, right before his 80th birthday.

I needed to go see him and help in any way I could.

So 7 of the kids and I piled into the van and drove for 2 days to go visit the grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. We stayed for almost 2 weeks.

My brother and sister and their families really made the time special for my kids.

kids of 4 wheelers


Keith Hawkey Family



me and joe

Emma and umbrella back

Emma and umbrella front

Morgan green shirt

All of us in green

all of us in green with me

Fiona in the woods

mom and dad irish shirts

Emma and Abby in green dresses

 Kelsey kept our traditions even though we were far from home.


She made green eggs and ham – which Patrick enjoyed immensely!

And she also made green lemon squares. Yum!

Green lemon squares

Patrick and fish

Garrett and Cody Fishing

Kelsey swimmin in it

Patrick and Cody sunbeam

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