Measure Your Life by How Well You Have Loved

Measure Your Life by How Well You Have Loved

I have been reading Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson. Both of the quotes in this poster are from that book.

“Measure your life by how well you have loved.”

“Loving others is the oxygen that breathes satisfaction and happiness into our souls.”

This book is amazingly full of wisdom and encouragement. The topics she covers run the gamut of Christian living and relationship skills. It all boils down to love. In every situation and in every area of life, the answer is knowing that you’re loved and taken care of by the Creator of the universe and loving those that He has placed in your life so that your joy is full and you feel the fulfillment of living out the purpose that He made you for.

As long as we keep loving and remembering that we are loved, we will experience the joy and peace that the whole world is looking for.

Let’s keep living this in our lives and spreading the message to others.

It’s what we’re here for.

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