Weekly Wrap-up Oct. 27-31: In Which A Lizard is Found, Preparations are Made and a Bake Sale is a Success

It all started when I decided to have a garage sale this coming weekend. I told Kelsey she could have a Bake Sale, too, if she wanted to. She did.

First, we cleaned out the garage.

We organized the things we wanted to sell (mostly Christmas ornaments I got at after-Christmas sales last year) and stacked boxes so the garage was clear.

I brought in a box of Gilbert Morris books I’ve been wanting to read. (We still have lots of things in boxes because we want to move to the country soon – like yesterday!) And I screamed! Something big ran out from under the box. I couldn’t tell if it was a big spider or what it was, but it sure moved fast.







We caught the creature and put it in our Creature Keeper, where Garrett examined it closely.



It was this little guy – a leopard gecko!


We kept him in the house for about an hour, so we could get a good look at him. Katie held him up so he could smile for the camera. Then we released him so he could go back outside and eat some more insects for us.



While cleaning the garage we found a box of clothes that we hadn’t seen in a long time. I let the little girls have it for “dress up”.



Then Katie made pizzas for all of us. She makes the best pizzas! All from scratch. We all love Katie’s pizza.



Then the pizza started disappearing.


One slice at a time.



Garrett practiced his photography skills.


Then Patrick found Abby’s new scarf.


And a Nerf Battle Axe.


He experimented with different looks.


Then we got busy making our garage sale signs.


The twins helped a lot with that.

Kelsey made lots of cookies, including chocolate chip and pumpkin chocolate chip, walnut chocolate oatmeal bars, pumpkin rolls and double decker fudge. She was busy baking all day long!

It paid off. She made $50!

I made somewhere between $30 and $40 on my garage sale.

We’re going to try again in 3 weeks. It will be closer to Christmas, and that will give time for Patrick’s Santa suit to arrive, so he can help advertise the sale in style!

This week I’m linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Homegrown Learners.


  1. Any post that starts off with “It all started with…” is going to be amusing, and I was right.

    Nerf weapons are the best, my boys swear by their Nerf Mace.

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