Weekly Wrap-up: Autumn is Here!

Morgan had just started taking violin lessons before we left Pennsylvania. He was doing so well, and his teacher, Mrs. Walsh, hated to lose him. I tried to find him a teacher when we first arrived in Texas, but I couldn’t really commit to the cost of lessons at first.

After 2 years, he finally asked the patriarch of the Rovak family, friends of ours who have met many of our needs during the time we’ve been here in Texas, if he would teach him how to play violin. He agreed, so Morgan has resumed violin lessons! He loves working with Mike Rovak. They seem to be well-suited to each other.


Kelsey has been on a pumpkin spree. She made these pumpkin cookies and decorated them.


She made pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin bread pudding today. She made peanut butter fudge yesterday. Yum!


She put out our Autumn decorations and made a nice centerpiece for our table.




And we did some preschool activities that we got for free.





We had fun coloring the scarecrows on the counting cards. Even Mommy colored a few scarecrows.

Scarecrow Counting freebie from Little Learning Lovies.


Capital and Lower Case Letter Matching freebie from Frugal Homeschool Family.

And Morgan and Kelsey are continuing their study of World War II by watching on Netflix a documentary called “Nicky’s Family” about Sir Nicholas Winton who saved over 600 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia before the Nazis invaded. He flew them out of Czechoslovakia to England and matched them up with British families that fostered them until the war was over. It was a very touching documentary.

We have also been reading a book called “Winston Churchill: Soldier, Statesman, Artist” by John B. Severance. It is a very interesting book.

I am enjoying this study. It is the most thorough study I have ever done of World War II.

I hope Kelsey and Morgan are getting something out of it, too.

And tonight we made s’mores around the campfire.



This is how dark it really was to us. Without the flash of the camera. It was kind of hard to see what we were doing.




What a delicious ending to our week!

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