Don’t Give Up on Your Marriage!

Keep Praying for your marriage!

couple praying together

Keep fighting for your marriage!

Keep binding the enemy against your marriage!

Don’t give up!

God can do miracles and He wants to. Do your part in praying and seeking His strategies for defeating the enemy who is trying to destroy your marriage.

I am praying with you today that God will turn your husband’s heart back to you and that your marriage will be restored.

Let’s stand together and fight this battle for our marriages spiritually. Because that is where the battle is.

I’m in it with you.


  1. My marriage is at a point of separation please pray that God will restore it because the problem was my husband cheating with an employee of ours. He keep tellin
    g me that love died some few months ago. Pray God will restore the love he had for me and the kids

  2. Praying so hard for my marriage, as my husband had decided that he wants his freedom. There are many burdens on me as we have children. We feel betrayed and abandoned–but I keep holding on that he will someday come to his knees and be the husband and father he once was. He has been seeing other women. My heart is broken. I pray daily…and always have prayed–and live the Christian life and raise my children to know God. At one time, we went to church together–and we worked hard together–stresses of work, school, children, and ill parents caused a lot of tension a few years ago. He told me 5 years ago–this is not what he thought married life was. I did not want it as it was either, for I was in school to continue my education because he works seasonal–and wanted to secure our family financially. I accepted it–but working 2 jobs always and going to school with children–and sick parents caused much stress for me, as I felt no support from him. This has been going on for some time with his infidelity–I have come to realize. He wants to stay married, and do what he wants…he said he doesn’t want to lose me…but wants his freedom to do whatever he wants. I pray daily that he comes to his knees and comes back to our family as a husband and father should. I contemplate divorce, but the thought tears me apart. We have been together 23 years. Prayers appreciated–as I believe in the power of prayer.

  3. Please keep me lifted up my husband and I. He filed for a divorce and April and we go to court on 1/13/2015, I am trusting God for a complete turnaround!

    1. Terri,

      I’m praying for you and your husband. I know that court date is coming right up. May the Lord give you peace and joy in the midst of all of this.

      “Father, we come to you on behalf of Terri and her husband. We are asking for a miracle. Holy Spirit, work in her husband’s heart to turn him back to You and to his wife. Convict him, draw him, show him the truth, and may the truth set him free from the lies of the enemy. We bind the evil one and loose the Holy Spirit to work in this situation. Father, may Your will be done in every aspect of this situation.

      In Jesus’ Holy Name,


  4. Please pray for my husband and I. He has started an affair with a younger woman who is changing him completely. He has neglected our children and abandon us. He has turned violent and is drinking heavily. He now wants a divorce. He also saying he no longer cares about our children who he has lived so deeply along with me. In less than a month he claims to having fallen out of love but says he’s lost. He loves me but he doesn’t trust me. I have faith that my husband will see the errors of his way and will find the path back to us. He has lost his faith.

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thank you for allowing me to pray with you. I’m praying now for your husband. I bind the power of the enemy that has come against him and has blinded him. Father, I pray that you would turn the heart of this father to his children and the hearts of the children to their father. Renew and restore his love for his wife. Please, Holy Spirit, convict him of sin, righteousness and judgment. Holy Spirit, show him the things of Jesus and cause him to hate sin and desire to please and obey You and to do what he knows is right. Open his eyes to the truth and help him to see that Your love endures forever and Your forgiveness is all-encompassing.

      Draw him to You, Jesus, and to his family.

      In Jesus’ name,

  5. Please lift us up in prayer. My husband Guillermo and I have not been ok. He’s been out of the home for two months had an affair almost the whole time he’s been gone . It hurts but I know I have to forgive and I have. I’m fighting for my marriage but I have to admit it’s hard. I want my significant other to soften his heart show compassion for me and his kids. We are a family. We are one in Gods eyes. We belong together under one roof as a family as a unit. Thank you for your time and kindness ..God bless you

    1. Hi Kathy, I’m praying for you now. Father, please bring Guillermo home. Give him a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone toward his family and toward You, God. Holy Spirit, convict him of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Be with Kathy as she stands for her marriage. Give her the right strategy to pray for her husband and her family. Help her to know how to fight for her marriage. Give her wisdom in the way that she acts toward her husband and the words that she speaks. Give her understanding and strength to do Your will in bringing about reconciliation. Give her peace and fill her heart with Your love and comfort as she waits for Your perfect will to come to pass.
      In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      I recommend that you go see War Room in the theater if you haven’t already. It will help you know how to pray for your marriage and your husband effectively.


  6. Please pray for my marriage. My husband says he doesn’t love me. We have 4 children. I love him very much. He is being swayed by false friends and easy women. PleSe pray he discovers his love for his wife and familu and comes back home.
    Thank you :'(

    1. Hi Denise,

      I’m praying for you now.

      Please turn Denise’s husband’s heart back to his wife and his children. Remove people from his life that are influencing him for evil. Holy Spirit, convict him of sin, righteousness and judgment. You said that you would answer our prayers when we pray in faith and according to Your will. We know that it’s Your will for this family to be restored, and we believe that You can speak to him and bring him to repentance. We are trusting you to do this for Denise and her family. Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and bring salvation and restoration to this family.

      In Jesus’ Name,


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