For the Family’s Sake

Families who are constantly on the go and never just stay at home and spend time there with their family (and friends) are missing out on the slower pace and simplicity that families used to enjoy.

I am currently reading “For the Family’s Sake” by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. She has this to say about “the value and joy of having an everyday life rooted in a home and community”.

“The profound truth is that the way we as persons live every day is based on our belief about who we actually are and what life is about. For instance, if I am an accident of probability in a universe with no rhyme or reason and no right and wrong in an objective sense, then how am I to live? What will a culture be like when people believe that there is no truth, no purpose, no meaning – that there are no moral absolutes?
This kind of thinking devalues life to such an extent that many younger people (and older ones too) now lack motivation and la joie de vivre (the joy of living). Holding this life-denying post-Christian view, many are ignorant of the value and joy of having an everyday life rooted in a home and community. The ordinary for them becomes boring or like a prison. The media and advertising reflect and intensify this warped view. Is it any wonder such life-cheated persons (for so they are) cannot enjoy simple delights and satisfactions?”

Some people think that life has to be lived at a hectic, busy pace to be full and interesting.

I disagree. I have lived life both ways, and I prefer the slower, more relaxed, less stressful pace. We have had enough stress with all of our moves and learning about new places and surviving financial difficulties in the last 13 years without adding a stressful lifestyle to it. And I see other women who are just worn out with all of the running and hurrying they have to do in order to do it all.

Working at a job outside of the home and running their kids to all kinds of activities and going to meetings themselves is causing lots of stress and leaving no time for family time.

Just an observation. I will probably be posting more about topics like this as I read more of this book.

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay is the daughter of the late Francis Schaeffer, and she also wrote a book called “For the Children’s Sake” which was a life-changing, paradigm-shifting book for me in the way I approached homeschooling. She has lots of wisdom and knowledge that I know I will glean from as I continue to read this book, and I will share what I learn with you here.

In the meantime, keep loving your kids and your husband the best that you can. And create the most peaceful, happy home that you can for them, as I do the same here.

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