What a Woman Needs from a Man

A woman needs a man that will be strong for her no matter what. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Or if she does have to be strong for him, it should be rare, not most of the time. When storms come, and things seem about to fall apart, she needs that reassurance from him that everything is going to be all right. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

A woman needs a man that will be strong for himself, not giving up or trying to do himself in when things get rough. If the man really loves the woman, he will not want her to worry about him or how he will react to problems. He should be strong and take problems on and face them and deal with them. Not hide from them or ignore them and dull the pain with some kind of escape. That only makes them worse because they weren’t dealt with when they should have been and they exacerbate. Problems get worse when they’re ignored or put off.

We don’t need someone whose default is negative and lack. We need someone who is positive and confident and knows that as long as he keeps trying and keeps doing what is right, things are going to get better.

If our man knows God, then we should be able to count on our man keeping his faith and taking problems to the Lord, and casting them on Him. We should have assurance that our man will ask the Lord for wisdom to handle whatever comes our way.

We should be able to depend on him to lead us to God in prayer. We should be able to expect him to be a good example of faith and trust in God. To us and our children. He should be our rock.

Women don’t want to be the leader in the home. Women want to be taken care of. We want to know that our man has our best interests at heart and is doing his best to meet the needs of the family yet trusting God; not getting angry when he doesn’t understand what God is doing. And not fretting and treating us badly because he’s worried about the future. We don’t deserve to be treated badly just because our man is not trusting God to take care of the family.

We should never feel the threat that if something doesn’t change, our man is going to give up and kill himself. We should never feel emotionally blackmailed for any reason. We shouldn’t have to worry about our man being that weak. He should be strong enough to deal with whatever comes, with the Lord’s help.

Women are strong. But they shouldn’t have to be stronger than their men.

Men, please consider this at all times. What kind of example am I setting for my wife and children?

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