Second Christmas

We had a little delay again this year when it came time to get ready for Christmas. We had to wait for money to come in. When it did, we were able to go to Walmart and get stuff for the little ones right away. The big kids, on the other hand, ordered stuff online, and it took a while to get here.

So we had Christmas on December 25th for the littles. And then we had Second Christmas for the older kids on January 11th. Yes, this was the day after our Big Birthday Party. As one of my friends said, we are party animals!

And yes, Second Christmas was fun and highly anticipated. Maybe as much as First Christmas was.

Kelsey fixed breakfast for us. Chef Mickey’s Pizza and Breakfast Quiche.




Katie used the money that was designated for her Christmas and bought gifts for all of her siblings. I took her to Toys R Us and she went shopping for everybody else. So she came down with a bag full of gifts like Santa. She got gifts for young and old.


This is Gary’s tree.


He likes outlandish things, instead of all natural like me.


Emma was wearing Shawn’s hat and looked cute, so I took a picture of her in it.

Did I mention that Patrick worked on Christmas Day, and some of us went with him, and they had a Nerf war at the store, even with customers coming in? I just watched. But the kids had a lot of fun, so I enjoyed it, too. I love to see my kids having fun.

And I’ve seen a lot of it lately.

Phew, I think party time is over for a while.

But the little girls are already talking about Easter!

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