Turkey Cookies – Not Made from Turkey! – Easy to Make, Nothing to Bake


We are planning to make these tomorrow!

What fun!

Even the older kids still like to make these – and eat them.

Thanksgiving Day 2010 032

All you need to make them is:

Fudge Stripe Cookies

Bon Bons

Chocolate chips

Candy Corn

How to put them together:

1. We melt the chocolate chips to use as glue. We glue the bon bons (the body of the turkey) to the Fudge Stripe cookies with the stripes going up and down so they look like feathers.

2. Then we glue the candy corn to the front of the bon bon to look like the head of the turkey.

3. Then we use toothpicks to dot eyes on the top of the candy corn with the melted chocolate chips.

4. Then we set them up together to make it look like we have a whole flock of turkeys!

Very easy to make and they taste delicious. No baking necessary!

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