The Tale of Peter Rabbit Unit Study

In the same vein as living books, here is a “living” video. This is a presentation of Peter Rabbit as you have never seen it before. At least I had never seen such an enchanting version of it before!

In this video we learn some background of Beatrix Potter and the reason she wrote Peter Rabbit. We even see her pet rabbit who was the inspiration of this famous story. Then the stories of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny are told through excellent animation and voice talent and sound effects.

If you would like to extend this lesson you may follow up with a lapbook that you can get free from HomeschoolShare.com. You can get if for free here.

This lapbook includes lessons for Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. There is enough information included to complete the lapbook, but you can do more research and add more to it yourself.

To extend this lesson even further, you may want to watch this video of the “The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends Complete Tales Volumes 1 and 2”. You would probably prefer to watch one segment a day, as this presentation lasts almost 4 hours! There are nine stories, I think. Some of them I have read before, but several of them are new to me.

And here is a link to the official Peter Rabbit Website where you can find “The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit” and “The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Emma Thompson. But you will have to go to Amazon if you decide to order them, because the prices are marked in pounds on the website! You can find them on Amazon here if interested. Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

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