I Have Been Thinking

I haven’t written anything here in a while because I’ve been thinking and reading too much, and my brain is about to explode!

That little pink hippo at the feet of “The Thinker”? That’s me.

I have been thinking about politics – Obamacare and Common Core especially – they are tied together in a subtle way – the attack on religious freedom and freedom in general

I have been thinking about education – Common Core and kids who are stuck in public school but desperately want out and the attack on homeschool freedom and religious freedom – the history of education that reveals how the public education system has been hijacked by socialists

I have been thinking about Bill Gates and how he is acting like “The Brain” in Pinky and the Brain and trying to take over the world.

I have been thinking about religion – Taking care of orphans and widows, if you see someone with a need and you can help but don’t help, what does that say about your love level and your religion? Why do Christians have to fight among themselves about details that don’t matter while the enemy is attacking and defeating us in the war?

I have been thinking about theology – The “quietness camp” and the “confidence camp” – they’re both right, but they’re both wrong – these terms are taken from “The Fire of Delayed Answers” by Bob Sorge

I have been praying for this little guy: Matt Yong Clement He has a tumor that covers half of his face and has almost cut off his breathing. Kim and Jane Clement adopted him from China and brought him here to California to get the tumor removed. The doctors (19 of them!) are consulting right now about how to proceed. He had a tracheotomy, and now they are having trouble getting him off the ventilator. He has been delirious because of the drugs. I have been praying for his healing, and my heart hurts for him and for his new parents.

And I have been playing chauffeur to two sons who have jobs but no cars (no licenses for that matter!).

And my camera broke, so I don’t have cute pictures that inspire me to write.

So which topic should I write about first?

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