Time to Beef Up Our Bible Study

It would seem that we need to work harder on our Bible knowledge, judging by Morgan’s performance today during our Bible study time.

I read to some of the kids several of the main concepts from the Gospel of John today. Then I asked some questions to find out what they had learned.

I asked if John the Baptist was the same as the John who wrote the book of the Bible. None were too certain, so it was quiet for several minutes. Then Morgan said, “Wasn’t Matthew the one that was called “The Rock” after he wrecked and was bit by a snake but didn’t die?”

I stared at him. Was he being serious? Or was he joking? I found myself praying that he was joking.

I told him, “No, Matthew was a tax collector. Peter was called “The Rock”. And Paul was the one who was shipwrecked and bitten by a snake but survived.” “Oh,” he said.

Then I asked the names of John the Baptist’s parents. Nobody said anything, so Morgan volunteered. He got Elisabeth right. Then he tried to think of his father’s name. “Artaxerxes?” I stared at him again. NO! I said, “Morgan, we’re in the New Testament now.” “Oh.”

Nobody knew the name of John the Baptist’s father, so I told them that an angel had told him that his wife was going to have a baby. Morgan shouted out, “Abraham!” My eyes could not open much wider, and my brain could not take much more of this mishmash of Bible knowledge. It was hurting, and I was starting to panic.

But Morgan wasn’t done. He suddenly blurted out, “Then wasn’t it Matthew that fell off his donkey and was struck blind and then the donkey started talking to him because he was beating him?”

He must be doing this on purpose.

To top it all off, he held up his index finger in an “AHA!” gesture and announced, “Luke and Peter – The Thunder Brothers!”

Morgan is a funny guy. And he prides himself on being obnoxious. So I’m not sure if he was goofing around, but just to be sure, we will definitely be beefing up our Bible study from now on.

The questions I asked aren’t even things that are covered in John. They are in the other Gospels. But I thought they were general knowledge that everybody would know. Guess I was wrong!

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