What’s So Bad About Common Core?

I usually just homeschool here in my own little home and do what the Lord leads me to do each day, without thinking too much about what the rest of the world is doing education-wise. I know that we are outside of the system, and some would consider our lifestyle and philosophy of education strange. So I just mind my own business, and do my own thing most of the time, knowing that my opinion is not commonly accepted.

But, lately, my attention has been drawn to the education system of America. And it has caused me to ponder and wonder how our nation could have allowed all of these things to happen here.

I have been reading The Underground History of Education. I wish every parent would read it.

You can read the book online here.

I feel like quoting everything John Taylor Gatto wrote in this book. But since I can’t do that (it’s a very long book), I will attempt to share some pertinent information that might help you to understand why I and many others are concerned about the direction that public education is headed. In particular, we are concerned about Common Core. The whole education system is corrupt because it has been taken over by big business, unions and secular humanist Progressives (socialists). And now they are systematizing it even more and making every school in the nation conform to something called Common Core State Standards, using federal funding as an incentive, to standardize the curriculum of every school and to track every student’s personal information all through their lives. This effectively nationalizes the schools of America and takes away local and state control of education, which the Constitution explicitly grants to the states. Another effect could be the elimination of homeschooling since we would be cut out from this system if we refuse to use this standardized curriculum. When it comes to testing, attending college and getting a job, homeschoolers could be left out in the cold. It will all be correlated with the Common Core.

Our schools (and understanding of how schooling should be organized) have been greatly influenced by the German system of schooling.

Here is a snippet of the kind of information you can find in John Taylor Gatto’s book The Underground History of Education.

“At the top, one-half of 1 percent of the students attended Akadamiensschulen, where, as future policy makers, they learned to think strategically, contextually, in wholes; they learned complex processes, and useful knowledge, studied history, wrote copiously, argued often, read deeply, and mastered tasks of command.

The next level, Realsschulen, was intended mostly as a manufactory for the professional proletariat of engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, career civil servants, and such other assistants as policy thinkers at times would require. From 5 to 7.5 percent of all students attended these “real schools,” learning in a superficial fashion how to think in context, but mostly learning how to manage materials, men, and situations—to be problem solvers. This group would also staff the various policing functions of the state, bringing order to the domain.

Finally, at the bottom of the pile, a group between 92 and 94 percent of the population attended “people’s schools” (Volksschulen) where they learned obedience, cooperation and correct attitudes, along with rudiments of literacy and official state myths of history.”

The public schools have been purposely dumbed down so that the common people would stay in their place and not be able to rise up to the ranks of the elite policy makers, who, by the way, send their children to the best private schools and hire tutors who teach them the knowledge and skills to be able to rule over the rest of us. A very effective strategy that they are now implementing in that dumbing down process is the Common Core State Standards.

More to come as I sift through this disturbing information and try to distill it into a form I can share with you here on my blog.

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