Preschool Today


Sisters, sisters,
There were never such devoted sisters.

All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two different faces
But in tight places
We think and act as one.








Little Girls
By Edgar A. Guest

God made the little boys for fun, for rough and tumble times of play;
He made their little legs to run and race and scamper through the day.
He made them strong for climbing trees, he suited them for horns and drums,
And filled them full of revelries so they could be their father’s chums.
But then He saw that gentle ways must also travel from above.
And so, through all our troubled days He sent us little girls to love.

He knew that earth would never do, unless a bit of Heaven it had.
Men needed eyes divinely blue to toil by day and still be glad.
A world where only men and boys made merry would in time grow stale,
And so He shared His Heavenly joys that faith in Him should never fail.
He sent us down a thousand charms, He decked our ways with golden curls
And laughing eyes and dimpled arms. He let us have His little girls.

They are the tenderest of His flowers, the little angels of His flock,
And we may keep and call them ours, until God’s messenger shall knock.
They bring to us the gentleness and beauty that we sorely need;
They soothe us with each fond caress and strengthen us for every deed.
And happy should that mortal be whom God has trusted, through the years,
To guard a little girl and see that she is kept from pain and tears.




We are also very grateful for our little boy – Garrett – and our big boys!



And our little girl who is rapidly becoming a big girl – Fiona!

Garrett and Fiona, our Favor, Favor, always remind us that no matter how bad things look, we are surrounded by God’s Favor. They are our Power Twins! We also call them Faith and Patience – The Power Twins that inherit the promises.

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