Abby’s 5th Birthday

Abby is our “Strawberry Girl”. For breakfast, she had pink pancakes with strawberries on top. Later, Kelsey baked a strawberry cake and poked holes in it to pour in the 7-Up and strawberry Jello mixture. Then Katie finished it off with Cool Whip and perfectly placed strawberries. See the heart in the middle?











We had two guests outside of our family. Abby invited our little neighbor girl to her party. So Fama and her mom came. Abby would have invited everybody in Walmart if I had let her. She did tell everyone she met that it was her birthday. She got lots of birthday wishes from many strangers – without even being on Facebook!

She got the Webkinz fish that she wanted and named it Blaze, and I helped her start an account and adopt him and get started playing on Webkinz. She had a nice birthday, and we are so thankful that God continues to provide, even as we survive the financial drought that has come upon us so unexpectedly. We are expecting the floodgates of heaven to open soon. I will report THAT as soon as it happens.

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