Metamorphosis – This Time It’s Butterflies!

I would love to show this DVD to the kids to go with our study of Metamorphosis. I am going to have to order it as soon as I can.

This trailer shows a lot of beautiful footage of butterflies. I can’t wait to see the whole movie!

I am done with tadpoles (for now).

Those little guys changed into frogs that were smaller than they were as tadpoles.

We took the last three to the lake yesterday. It was another emergency run after Anna said, “Mama, I think 2 out of the 3 tadpoles are dead!”

I rushed over to the tank. I moved it around vigorously, and they all woke up. They were all alive but very lethargic, so we hastily (with great effort and trouble) caught them, put them in a moist container and whisked them off to the lake. Anna ran to the lake with them, through squishy mud that stuck to her flip flops, and set them free near the water. Her shoes were a mess when she came back to the car. The things we go through for our pet tadpoles/frogs!

We will probably try to find some caterpillars this year and raise butterflies and hope for better results than we had with the tadpoles. Six out of eight tadpoles survived, but I was not happy with the size of the adults they became. I hope we also have better results than we did with the Monarchs in Illinois. I think we will. Everythings’s better in Texas (I speak this out of faith, not pride). We are still holding onto staying in Texas by our fingernails. I love the freedom here, but we definitely need a source of income here if the Lord wants us to stay here.

Say a prayer for us. I really want to live in Texas. And we really need a job for Gary here if that is going to happen.

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