Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 8 – Eating Moss and Swimming Upside Down

Here’s a peek at our tadpoles today.




The tadpoles used to eat lettuce. I put some moss in from time to time, but they seemed to ignore it, for the most part. They hung around on the lettuce and seemed to be eating it all of this time. But today, I noticed that they were ignoring the lettuce and that the moss was all gone! So I put more moss in and a couple of them attacked it and started munching like crazy. So their eating habits have changed. And now Anna and I will have to go gather some more lovely moss.


This one is showing off the spiral on his belly.




This guy is swimming upside down. See his white tummy. They have been doing this today. Then they flip over and swim right-side-up. I don’t know if they’re playing or eating something from the surface of the water or what.


And this one is hiding under our fake lily pad.

Their habits are changing. They used to hang out on the lettuce floating at the top most of the time and hardly swam to the bottom of the tank. Yesterday and today they have been spending more time at the bottom.

Now they are digging down in the rocks and hiding, and eating moss and doing silly things like swimming upside down.

Oh yeah, and playing dead. I really don’t like that one.

I managed to change the water without losing any of them yesterday. Yay!

I wonder what their new trick for tomorrow will be…

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