Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 2

We have learned some things about tadpoles that we didn’t realize before. They like to eat stuff that is floating at the top of the water. I have been experimenting with boiling lettuce. I found that if I overcooked it, the lettuce sank to the bottom. If I barely cooked it, the lettuce floated, and the tadpoles gathered around it and on it and were very happy with their little “lily pads”.

They like to eat things that are floating at the top of the water. They’re not interested in eating anything that’s down at the bottom of the water. I even put some lettuce in that wasn’t cooked at all. It floated really well, and they have all been hanging out on it like it’s a big flotilla.

But I’m not sure that they’re eating the lettuce. I don’t know if it’s too hard for them to eat, but when I soften it, the lettuce sinks. So I’m considering having Anna go get some moss to put in my beautiful, clear-ish water aquarium.





You can enlarge each of the photos by clicking on them. Then you will be able to see more details of our cute, developing tadpoles.


I had a harder time getting pictures of the swirls on their bellies today. They have been hanging from the lettuce most of the time instead of swimming around or looking out the sides of the tank. And my camera has a hard time figuring out how to focus in at the angle that they are hanging and being right at the surface of the water instead of swimming in it.


This picture shows that their bodies are developing and starting to look more lumpy and frog-shaped.



Abby wanted to paint, so I told her to paint a picture of tadpoles. I thought it came out pretty nice. She even painted smiles on their faces. Very colorful tadpoles, aren’t they?

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