In Which God Gives Little Ole Me a Word of Knowledge

The coolest thing just happened. We had been praying with a friend about getting the money for a plane ticket to Australia. She is going there for a job as a nanny, and the job she has here doesn’t make enough to accumulate the money she would need in the time she has left before she is to leave. We were asking the Lord to help her know if she should call her grandfather and tell him about her plans and see if he would offer her some help. As we were waiting to hear from the Lord, I heard the words “God is a strong tower”, which is similar to the verse in Proverbs 18:10. I told her that I heard that word and asked if it meant anything to her. She said it didn’t. I told her to keep it in mind and be watching for something that had to do with a “strong tower”.

She called last night and said that she was visiting her other grandparents and telling them about her plans to go to Australia. Her grandfather told her that he wanted to pay for her plane ticket! He is also doing lots of things to help her get ready to go – taking her shopping for some things she needs, offering to take her to the airport on the day she is to leave. She is so happy and excited.

The cool thing that makes this a very interesting story is that she found out that her grandfather’s nickname is “Strong Tower”! His co-workers always called him that because he worked on electrical towers and he is a strongly-built man! So God’s word to her was a prophetic word that the money for her plane ticket would come from her grandfather!

Isn’t that the coolest thing?!!! It reinforces to her that God is with her every step of the way, and He is holding her future in His hands.

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