Kelsey in the Kitchen

Kelsey has been experimenting in the kitchen. She has been combining recipes and coming up with her own. And she has been using her ingenuity and figuring out how to make things like her own pop tarts and her own gummies that are healthy!


She measured and made pop tarts two different times.


The first time they were strawberry-filled with real strawberries and blueberry made with real blueberries. The second batch were filled with brown sugar and cinnamon, or we could choose mixed berry with blueberry and strawberry. We have been very spoiled with yummy foods and unusual treats lately!


Kelsey wanted to celebrate her Webkinz’ birthday – Porsha the Poodle, her first Webkinz who is 6 years old now. But she kept it a secret from the rest of the family. Gary had flown to Ohio to get his mom and bring her here to visit, and while I was at the airport picking them up, Kelsey was busy in the kitchen. She made her homemade chicken pot pie for dinner, and she made treats for the surprise birthday party. She made strawberry cupcakes made with real strawberry and filled with cream cheese and white chocolate chips and chocolate cupcakes with mini chocolate chips and filled with strawberry cream cheese. She was kind enough to invite the whole family to celebrate with her.





Lemon poppyseed cookies with raspberry filling


Pizza with white sauce and stuffed crust and sun-dried tomatoes


Chicken and rice casserole



Gummies made with gelatin and vitamin C.


Pretty arrangement of cookies including homemade oatmeal cookies with craisins. Everything she makes is healthy (to a certain degree).


She made her Chicken and Rice casserole for our Sunday dinner with a few modifications.


She added mushrooms to it, sauteed and prepared by Morgan.


Morgan has been perfecting his technique of sauteeing mushrooms for the last couple of weeks. Boy, are they good!

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