In the Last Two Hours

There’s never a dull moment around here.

6:00 is Prayer Time. At least 4 of us, usually it’s more like 6 or 7 of us pray. But Shawn prays the most.

Here’s a little bit of our Family Prayer Time. He didn’t know I was recording this.

He won’t pray on camera, so I did some covert work here, showing some of my favorite verses that have sustained me during the hardest times while I recorded his praying.

At the end of that video I was trying to show off my new business card. Here’s what it looks like:


After prayer, I had two little girls ask me to French Braid their hair. I was happy to comply. Don’t they look gorgeous?






Then came little Abby:




Then came Emma:






I love their sweet little braided heads!

Fortunately, I planned well and had dinner in the crockpot, so I didn’t have to cook dinner during Prayer Time, as I often have to do.

I still plan to do some Pattern Block Math with Garrett yet tonight. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough, but then I think back through or take pictures of what we do, and then I realize that I do more than I think I do!

This night was exceptionally busy. I’m so thankful for this life the Lord has given to me. It’s just perfect for me.


  1. Hi Penney
    sorry I haven’t visited in a while! love your ‘covert’ work, though I have to wait till I have another suitable moment to watch the video:) your girls hair looks lovely!
    btw, I also changed my email to get your feeds to another email I use more frequently, so hopefully that will help me visit more regularly:)

  2. He he he, just watched some of the video 🙂 he is a real pray-er! Is this your normal prayer time? Ie others continue on with their daily stuff while one prays? So nice to get a peek into your family life:)

    1. We usually have a time where most people stay put and listen to the one who is praying, but some cannot keep still that long and will come in and out. When Shawn starts praying, they know that it will take a long time, so several of them will leave to do other things. I love to pray right along with him. I drink it to the very last drop. I love to pray, and I love having my son as a prayer partner. Others don’t get into it as much as we do! Not yet anyway.

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