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One thing I have learned along the way was to look for signs that God may be trying to speak to me.

He speaks to us through His Word, the Bible, of course, but He also speaks to us throughout the day, sometimes in little mundane things, sometimes through puzzles and riddles.

He is very intelligent and very much like we are, so we shouldn’t be surprised that He would enjoy playing with us. But sometimes we aren’t aware of what He is doing, so we miss the signs.

He uses numbers a lot in my life. I will suddenly look at the clock and see triple numbers. Whether I know what the numbers mean or not, I know I just got a little nod from God that He is here with me, and we have a little chuckle together. Many times I will look at the clock and see 8:17, which is my birthday month and day. I always know when I catch that He is telling me He loves me and is glad He made me. I just say, “I love you, too, Lord. Thank you for making me.”

When I see 3:33 on the clock and on license plates and in other unexpected places I think of Jeremiah 33:3 like in the picture above.

Numbers Have Meaning in Hebrew

Numbers do have significance in the Hebrew language and culture and you can research them and find out what they mean to know specific things God is saying to you at times. Here are the meanings of 1-10 in Hebrew.

The number 1 means “Oneness, Unity, Primacy, First, Beginning”;

the number 2 means “Divide, difference, oppose, judge, discern, witness, conflict, blessing, abundance, building, couple, dying to self.”

The number 3 means “Seeds, trees, fruit. Revelation, resurrection, gathering balance, equilibrium, pattern, counsel, witness, and strength. New life, sprouting, resurrection, fruitfulness, words of life (counsel), unity”

The number 4 means “Authority, government, rule, dominion, calendar, time, creation, kingdom, fullness, giving of the Torah (Law) and Holy Spirit.”

The number 5 means “Power, strength, alertness (wake-up!), Torah, grace, favor, service, gospel, fruitfulness, going forth, fast movement, anointed, prayers, and protection

The number 6 means “Image, man, beast, flesh, sacrifice, intimacy, finished work, knowledge, sacrificial love, number of man and beast, antichrist, idol, and judgment.”

7 means “completion, perfection, rest, wholeness, completeness, being ripe, order, stability, and holiness. ”

8 means “Literally to “make fat.” New beginnings, not just complete (like seven), but satiated.”

9 means “finality, judgment, harvest, fruitfulness, the womb, duality (good/evil), concealment, truth, loving-kindness, fruit of the Spirit, turning to look upon/gaze, hour of prayer, etc.”

10 means “Divine order, completed cycle, measure, or group (congregation) whether for good or evil, blessing or judgment.”

You can get more information about the meanings of these numbers here.

The other numbers have meanings, too, and it is fascinating to study this other language that God may speak to us through. As we went through our Journey of Fire, it was very encouraging to see signs that He was with us because, frankly, at times, we felt abandoned, as if we were on our own to flounder and guess as to what the will of God was. But He was directing and orchestrating a clear path for us and taking care of us all along.

Make sure that you only study the meanings of numbers from a biblical perspective. Angel numbers and numerology are not of God. They are occult practices that we should avoid completely. Here is a really good blog post about the meaning of numbers with scriptures that apply. We can study the Hebrew meanings of numbers, and we can ask the Lord why He keeps showing us a certain number or series of numbers. From the blog post I referred to: “When seeing numbers, I encourage you to take note what you are doing or talking about at the time as this can be key, or the season you are in.  Importantly, always ask God for yourself what he is saying to you.” I think this is great advice.

He also speaks to us through dreams and visions. If you have never considered this before, start to pay attention to the little things around you, and listen with your spirit – just be quiet for a minute and ask the Lord if He’s trying to say something to you – and you might just get a little message or kiss from God.


  1. Penney, that’s amazing because I’ve never heard anyone else ever say that about God speaking to them through numbers before! My dh and I always chuckle when God speaks to us through numbers, but I thought it was one of those funny things that only happened to us 🙂 for us it’s almost always 10:17 (Rom 10:17 – God keeps reminding us to stay full of faith) and 12:11 (Rev 12:11). one night when I was having a really difficult time many years ago, I rolled over on my bed at night pondering things and saw 12:11 flash up on our digital clock radio, I knew at that moment that it was a trial and I needed to overcome and persevere, I’m so glad I did because I reaped so many rewards after that which I would have missed out on if I’d given up! God is so good!

    1. Hi Rosemary, I’m always so happy to have a visit from you! I used to see 8:28 constantly – as in Romans 8:28 – God works all things together for our good. Now I see the triple numbers most of all. I think they are to encourage us that He is definitely going to do great things for us – it’s settled, you know. Gary sees them on license plates a lot. We don’t have a digital alarm clock anymore, so that has cut down on opportunities to see the numbers that way. But I still glance at the digital clock on the stove or microwave throughout the day and many times notice something that I just know is God speaking to me. I love His little signs. It feels good knowing that He cares, and He’s right here with me.

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