Seed Lessons







As you can see, there are more little seedlings growing in our flower pots. The lessons we are learning about seeds are natural and spiritual. God is teaching us all through these lessons. I study so that I can teach them, and I learn more than I knew before! I love homeschooling!

We have been talking about how an apple tree can grow from a single seed. Then it produces apples which have seeds in them. Then some of those seeds get planted and more apple trees grow which produce apples which have more seeds in them – lots of apples with lots of seeds in them. Just think of the multiplication from that first tiny seed!

And spiritually, the things that we say and do can multiply, too. If we sow good seed – good words, good works, money to help others and to spread the Gospel, we will reap lots of good things in our lives.

Now when the kids say something bad, I tell them, “Ah, that’s bad seed. Don’t let that come out of your mouth.” And they know what I’m talking about.


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