Belated Birthday Party and Growing Money Trees

We had a birthday party for Shawn. His birthday is Jan. 5. We had his party on Feb. 19. We also celebrated Kelsey’s birthday at the same time. Her birthday was July 20, but on her birthday we had just moved here and none of us liked this house or neighborhood (too crowded!), so she wanted to wait until we moved to celebrate her birthday. It turns out that we have had to stay here for now, so I didn’t want to wait any longer or we might never get to celebrate them, so we just went ahead and celebrated Kelsey’s and Shawn’s Birthdays in February.

We have been well-provided for by the Lord, even though Gary still doesn’t have a job. So I felt like we could go ahead and throw a nice party for them now. I’m typing this on March 4th. We have been without an income since November 27th, 2012. It has been over 3 months. God has supernaturally provided for us over and over again! Praise the Lord!

Here are some pictures and a video of our birthday party in the Twilight Zone:







Our bank has started a program called Sprouts to encourage children to save. They offer savings accounts for children that pay 1% interest so that kids can see their money grow. To reinforce the idea of their money growing, they give the children green dollar signs that have wildflower seeds embedded in them. The children plant the money sign, and little plants grow up, and they see signs that remind them that their money is growing in the bank, too. So we started savings accounts for 7 of the kids and planted their dollar signs in pretty little pots that I found at Dollar Tree! Appropriate, huh? I just made that connection as I was typing this. Well, they are pretty excited. I’ve had to keep Emma and Abby from playing with their dirt, but after a couple of days, we do have some sprouts growing. Emma’s has a nice-looking little plant growing in it now. I will be showing more pictures of them as they progress. Here’s the whole gang with their new flower pots:





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