Singing Helps Little Ones Learn Without Even Trying!

You Just Can’t Keep Them From Learning!

Shawn kept having the Ay Ay Ay Song going through his head, so he said he wanted to learn the whole thing, so he could really sing it. So I looked up the lyrics and taught him the song. We sang it so much that Emma learned it, too. She came up to me a couple of days later and started singing it to me. I had almost forgotten it, and she helped me to re-learn it, so I decided it was time to get out the video camera. Here’s Emma and Abby, and sometimes Garrett, singing Cielito Lindo.

I had been working with the twins and Kelsey and Morgan on the Books of the New Testament. I taught them a song, and when they learned it perfectly, they knew all of the Books of the New Testament, and they got a prize out of the Treasure Box.

Kelsey quickly learned them all, then Morgan, then Garrett, then Fiona. Little did I know that little ones were listening in and learning them, too. Abby and Emma surprised me one day when they started singing, “Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…” So I decided to record them singing that, too. They got a prize for learning them as well as they have them now. When they get them perfect all by themselves, they will get another prize. They are working on them!

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