Surprise Blessing!

We planned our work and worked our plan. Gary and I took Garrett and Fiona shopping and let them pick out presents up to their allowed amount. We had a nice time shopping.

Then we came home, and the little girls came running out to the car, all excited. They were shouting, “Mommy, Daddy, come look at our tree. Cece brought presents! Come and see!” So we went inside and this is what we saw.




We got the little dolls you see in the pictures for the little girls. They’re only $5, and they play with these little baby dolls a lot. But all of the presents wrapped in blue paper were from our church. They brought a present for each one of us in the family. Now we’re all excited about Christmas morning. We don’t know what’s in those packages.

Usually we take the younger children to pick out what they want, because I don’t want to get things for them that they won’t like. Then I tell them to forget what they’re getting for Christmas. They try really hard to forget, but you know how that is. Sometimes, I will buy extra things that I’m pretty sure they will like, so they can have a little bit of surprise. This year, since our budget is so limited, I won’t be able to do that. But our church family reached out to us in love, and now we have surprise presents to look forward to on Christmas morning. Even Gary and I have gifts under the tree. I wonder what’s in them!

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