Worshipful Wednesday

My Blogging Buddy, Carolee, had this brilliant idea to do a meme called “Worshipful Wednesday”. Now that’s a meme I can get excited about. So I went to YouTube and listened to some IHOP worship songs and found this one which happens to go along with the theme of Jesus being risen and alive. Perfect for this Lenten season and celebration of Jesus! It’s by Laura Hackett, one of my favorite worship leaders at IHOP-KC.

Jesus You’re alive and if You’re alive then sin has been conquered
If You’re alive then death has been conquered

The second Adam who came and gave life to men
The first Adam, our father, he led us into sin
But the second Adam he leads un into life, he leads us into life.

Oh Jesus I hear You say: live, live, live I hear Him speaking over you,
Live, live, live
Those places in your heart, when you feel lonely, when you feel confused,
those cycles of sin you slip into, I hear the Lord prophesy over you,
Live — You will live and not die — your heart will be alive in Jesus
Can we just say Yes to Jesus — we say Yes to You
We want to be alive with You

Just speak this together — I hear the Lord say, live — He says live, live, live

I hear the Lord say live, live, live — live, live, live – come alive, come alive, come alive
Prophesy over our own selves — prophesy over our own hearts

For there is no power in heaven or hell that can keep from the love of the Father on His throne — The chains of sin can’t hold me down — even death itself can’t keep me in the ground

Death where is your sting — death where is your victory
He’s alive, He’s alive, He is risen

My God’s not dead He’s surely alive — He’s living on the inside roaring like a lion

He’s alive, now I’m alive (3X) — I will never die

IHOP Fascinate 2011 High School Conf.
Kansas City Convention Center, July 14, 2011

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