Giveaway! Two Tickets to the First Ultimate Creation Expo!

UPDATE: We have our winners!!! Kristi Davis and Amy Shute won the tickets to the Ultimate Creation Expo. Congratulations, Kristi and Amy! I know you’ll love these teachings. Thank you for entering my first giveaway! You should be receiving your tickets in your email soon.

The Expo will begin on Jan. 23 and go until Jan. 26. The times will be 11 AM and 2:00 PM ET on those days.

I hope to see you there!

Anyone who wants to come can attend for free. However you will want to buy a ticket so you can listen to these audios over and over again whenever you want. So scroll on down and grab your ticket now. The live events are tons of fun. You will love it!


I am SO excited to share with you about the first ever Ultimate Creation Expo! You will hear scientists such as Dr. Jay Wile, Dr. Thomas Sharp, Kim Jones, and Tom DeRosa. Listen to Paleontologist Joe Taylor, and authors Felice Gerwitz, Sharon Jeffus and more.

Over 20 audios including topics such as “Evolution vs. Creation”, “Five Lies Evolutionists Don’t Want Your Kids to Know”, “Creation, Evolution, and the War Against Life”, “Evolution Proof Your Kids”, “Dinosaurs and the Bible”, “Carbon-14 Dating and Fossilized Bones”, and many more! Don’t miss this FIRST ever Online Creation Conference!

Checkout all the EXTRAS you get with your ticket!

  • Workshops presented by your favorite speakers and authors.
  • Bonus audios that will help you make teaching Scientific Creationism easy!
  • Access to our Membership Site with hundreds of dollars worth of eBooks, audios, bonus gifts, and special coupon offers from our sponsors.
  • Listen to these seminars on your time! Download them to your computer, mp3 device, smart phone or other mobile device and take us on the road!
  • Over 20 Audios worth $9.99 each and you pay less than .99 each!
  • Automatic inclusion in our Grand Prize Drawing. One winner will be chosen to win hundreds of dollars in prizes!
  • Money Back Guarantee.

All of this for just $19.97! Click here to get your ticket now!

There is also a great affiliate program that you can join and earn 40% on ALL referral sales! Affiliates who promote this event will earn a FREE kindle fire if they sell 150 tickets or more! Click here to sign up!

Save these Important Dates:
January 23-26 at 11 am and 2 pm ET

Ultimate Creation Science Expo

*** For a chance to win a ticket to this expo, just leave a comment after this post telling about your favorite Creation Science resources or why you think it’s important to teach Creation Science. ***

Two winners drawn on 1-20-12.


  1. Evolution which is being taught everywhere else is another false religion. People need to know the truth of God’s creation, unto salvation! So many have fallen away because all they have heard is the religious dogma of evolution. They need to know the geologic column is just a bunch of random dates, that it is based upon circular reasoning, and evolution uses this as its bible. We need to preach the truth of God’s salvation and that there is a creator!

  2. Kristi Davis was unable to leave a comment here, so she left a comment on another post “Now I Find I’m Your Choice”. And it was a great comment! Everyone should check it out!

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