1. Whenever I hear Anna’s beautiful voice and know her lovely spirit, I am so aware of the Spirit rising up in me. Thank you , Anna, for letting God use you.

  2. Anna,
    What an incredicle blessing awaitied me when I got on the computer this morning and checked out the blog! I loved, loved, LOVED your rendition of this song. It reminds me of Fernando Ortega’s version, and I sing this song as a reminder to myself that no matter what is happening in this world, Christ is really all I need. Not only are you filling your homne with worship but you’ve also filled mine with it this morning, and for that I thank you so much. Continue to release your God-given talent. Continue to give back to Him, and pass along your blessing. You may not ever know who you have affected in this world, but follow God’s leading for He does know. Deep within our hearts reverberates that still, small voice urging us onward. He knows our needs, and He knows what we have in us that we can use to reach out to others in need. He gave you your gift, and it was wonderful to see you offering it back to Him. Have a most blessed day!

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