Christmas Fun for Everyone

Gonna Bake Some Christmas Cookies

We made our own yummy icing. We couldn’t get the vivid colors of the store-bought icing in the writing tubes, but this icing tasted a lot better.

You might recognize Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants.

A well-dressed snowman

A broken star turned into a beautiful angel. Only Katie could do such work!

Cute and unusual gingerbread men and candy cane.

Here’s Katie’s angel atop Shawn’s Christmas tree.

Fiona’s angels

Now We’re Going to String Some Popcorn

Emma did a great job!

Improving fine motor skills, feeding the birds and decorating our Christmas tree. So many things accomplished with one activity.

Fiona hung her popcorn chain under her penguin ornament. It looked like snow!

Now We’re Going to Put Birdseed on Pine Cones

First we spread peanut butter on the pine cones.

We collected these pine cones when we were in South Carolina visiting Daddy and Patrick.

Then we rolled them in birdseed.

Then we hung them outside hoping that some hungry birds would come along. I haven’t seen any birds eating from them yet, but I have seen a few bluebirds hanging around where they are.

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