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I reserved lots of Tasha Tudor books at the library today. I didn’t realize that she wrote so many Christmas books! Here is at least a partial list of her Christmas books:

The Dolls’ Christmas

Take Joy!

Becky’s Christmas

Corgiville Christmas

and I think there are even more.

I already got all of these books by some of our favorite authors from the library:

Anna reading one of the Christmas books

This was a surprise:

Here was Katie’s birthday present from God.

We were sitting in the living room. I was reading aloud to the older kids when all of a sudden Shawn yelled, “Rainbow!” I looked toward the window, but the blinds were closed. He saw it through the small upper windows that weren’t covered by the blinds.

We all ran to the back windows and patio doors and there we saw a whole rainbow spread all the way across the sky.

Shawn tried to get pictures of the whole thing, but my camera could only take pictures of little pieces of it at a time.

We got a video of it though so you can see that we really were able to see the WHOLE thing. What a nice gift from the Lord!

Garrett and Morgan were cooking again today. This time they fried bacon. Notice the protective eye wear. Notice the upside-down position of both of their goggles.

Morgan explained that he put his upside down so he could breathe. Garrett’s were upside down because Morgan put them on him without paying attention to whether they were right side up or not.

While I read to the kids Kelsey made these:

Emma followed her nose and found the chocolate cookies.

God’s Warriors

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