A Pocketful of Penguins

I brought out the Pocketful of Penguins unit study that I got from Teacher Book Bag at Currclick, and printed it out since Fiona has been so excited about her penguin named Felix.

It has activities for younger kids (preschool) and older (K-3), so I used some of them for Emma and some for the twins.

Here Emma is learning about ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.). She put the penguins in order as I read to her the word that was written on the card.

Then we matched the numeral with the position word so she could more easily tell which position each penguin was in.

Then I gave her the numeral cards and had her say the name of the number and then put it in the correct position. I found out that she doesn’t recognize the numeral 4, so we will work on that more. There were a few other numbers that she doesn’t recognize yet. We were able to compare 6 and 9, and I think she’s making progress in understanding the difference.

Her attention span is very good. She never got tired of doing this activity. She liked putting the number cards where they belonged.

There were grids with penguins placed at certain points that the student had to identify. Garrett did one of the grids.

Fiona did the other grid. The twins both understood the concept pretty quickly. I told them about the x-axis and y-axis and explained that we put the x first when we label the point. I never thought I would be teaching them this concept at such a young age, but it seemed to be very easy for them to understand.

There are a lot more activities with this unit. I didn’t get pictures of some of the things I did with Emma, and I just now got the first pages printed, since my printer ran out of ink in the middle of printing. I’ll probably write another post about our next penguin activities.

We did some ABC activities with Emma earlier, but I didn’t get any pictures at the time. We’ll do them again and take pictures this time. Felix teaches Emma ABC’s with penguin cards!

And the sun goes down on the coconut tree. (Or whatever kind of tree that is.)

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