Fall Nature Walk with Daddy

Orange berries???

Great Fall colors!

But when I looked at them this morning, the berries had popped open and little red berries were showing!


I collected these orange berries on a walk with my honey yesterday. Today they were all red with orange petals around them.

I found out that these berries are from the American Bittersweet. If you find these berries, don’t eat them! They will cause diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps.

I wanted to see what else we might find today.

We took a walk to the trail around our development. The little girls went with me and Gary right before I had to take him to the airport so he could return to South Carolina for work.

We enjoyed nature together.

First we found this guy praying.

Then we found this guy, probably dying. A Buckeye butterfly. Buckeye as in Ohio. Hmmm. I never saw them in Ohio, but I saw them in Illinois and now in Pennsylvania. Hmmm.

Fiona was trying to decide whether to try to save him or bury him.

Abby kept walking off the wrong way.

Daddy needed to get back so he could get ready to leave for the airport, so Abby got a free ride.

When Daddy put her down she walked on her tippy toes so she could go faster.

We loved our Fall Nature Walk with Daddy. We’re so glad we got to spend time in nature with him before he had to go south again.

Bye, Daddy, we’ll see you at Thanksgiving!

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