Highlights from South Carolina Trip

My kids love the ocean!  The darker-skinned boys are our new sons, Daren and Tyler.  We adopted them while we were there, since Patrick had already adopted them as his brothers.

Daren likes to act like a beached whale.

Emma loves the sand.  I like the beach – except for the sand.

Sandy girl

Clean girl!  Much better.

We celebrated Kelsey’s birthday there.

All 12 of us plus 2 more in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Can you say “crowded”?  Not really.  The more the merrier.

All the boys

Most of the girls

Daren is… not shy.

I love this fountain.  The little girl with her foot up is so cute!

Charleston is a beautiful city!

Fort Sumter was out there in the harbor –  along with several other forts.  We need to go back so we can go out to see them.  We pretty much followed the path the Confederate army took to Gettysburg when we drove back home.  Next field trip – Gettysburg!

South Carolina is the Palmetto State.  I’m glad Kelsey got a picture of one.  Kelsey got a 3DS for her birthday, so she took some great pictures with it.  She also did some funky things to some of her pictures!

Feeding turtles at the apartment complex’s pond

Getting ready to go back to PA

All of us except Daren, who’s not shy.   He was kind enough to take the picture so I could be in it.


We loved being all together again and are looking forward to the time that the Lord puts us all together again in one place.  Where will that place be???  He knows.


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