He Made Me so He Could Love Me

I was under attack this weekend. It came out in a physical manifestation of headache, tiredness and some stomach trouble that came on me very suddenly. Then dizziness came with it later. But my prayer warriors sought the Lord about it and discerned a spiritual attack that was able to happen because of lies that I believed and a father wound.

They led me through deliverance by having me repent, renounce and come out of agreement with lies about my self-worth and how God sees me. There were lies like “everybody is more important than I am”, “I was an aberration and a disappointment”, “I’m not worthy of a father’s love”, “I’m not much of a daughter”, “I have no real value, I shouldn’t have been created” and “I’m replaceable, a throwaway”.

After I broke those lies off of me, my prayer warriors replaced those lies with the truth by speaking what God says about me. They were the opposite of those lies.

One phrase that struck me deeply was, “He made you so He could love you.” That replaced the lie that I shouldn’t have been created. That’s why He made me. Just so He could love me. Not for what I could do for Him. Not for what I could do for others. Just so He could love me.

I offer that to you for your own meditation today.

He made me so He could love me. Selah.


  1. I keep seeing this post and wanting to read it…but seems like things have been on the fast track for far too long! I finally clicked it this morning before running out…again. It is along the same vein that God has been speaking to my heart recently, so even though MY timing has been too busy…HIS timing was just right for when HE knew I would be ready to receive this.

    Thanks for posting…and hope you are feeling better now. ♥

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