I Want to Leave a Legacy

How will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough to make a mark on things?

Another song about the same theme, by the men this time!

Aaron Jeoffrey wrote this song, and the video shows some great heroes of the faith. If you see some that are unfamiliar, look them up. One person can make such a difference in this world.

Just look at David Wilkerson.

The Lord is really speaking to me about the kind of legacy I will leave and the generations that will reap what I sow.

I’m taking this very seriously.

We are in the season of counting the omer. I’m taking stock and finding out what I need to work on. God is looking for people who are serious. We need to be intentional and purposeful in our parenting and in our relationships.

It’s too important to take lightly. We can’t just let time pass us by. Every moment is a gift from God.

Every child is a gift from God. Every marriage is a gift from God.

Let’s treat them as the precious gifts they are.


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