Kelsey’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Kelsey really enjoys celebrations. So much so that she actually helps me pull them off! I have always had to do most of the planning and work throughout our years of memory-making, but now that Kelsey is older, she helps a lot. She gets really excited and remembers our traditions and reminds me of them. This year she remembered the green lemon squares I made a couple of years ago. So ta-dah! This year we made green lemon squares again. I just need some nudges and some ideas and some help with the work, and I accomplish a lot! Am I asking for too much?

Kelsey fixed all of the green eggs and ham. I think she used 2 dozen eggs. She did a great job. They were delicious!

She set the atmosphere with a CD of Celtic music. She squeezed the lemons for the lemon squares. We had more lemon juice left, so she thought of lemonade – green lemonade, of course. I made the lemonade out of the lemon juice that she colored green.

She found the videos of “Green Eggs and Ham” and the Veggie Tales St. Patrick. She called everybody to come watch them on the computer.

Then she got the younger kids to draw pictures of as many green things as they could think of.

They also made cards for Grandpa Douglas. We prayed for him as they made their cards.

Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration wouldn’t have been nearly as nice if Kelsey hadn’t pitched in and helped so much.

Thank you, Kelsey!

The kids all watched “Green Eggs and Ham” on YouTube. Then they watched the Veggie Tales version of St. Patrick’s life.

Green lemonade
Green lemon squares


  1. Looks like fun….but I just don’t think I could eat GREEN eggs! We will probably celebrate today as I try to take Friday’s off of studying, and we have family night with Rick as he doesn’t have class on Friday’s. Maybe I’ll use some of your ideas…but NOT the green eggs! lol. Thanks for the fun pics! 🙂

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