The Relevance of Offerings

My son, Shawn, wrote a paper about the relevance of offerings. It is very thorough and in-depth. I thought my Hebrew Roots friends might enjoy it. I am reading it several times so that I can absorb more of the information here.

One of the most enlightening things I learned from it was that “Ancient idolaters believed that animal-offerings were needed to assuage the anger of a judgmental, bloodthirsty god. This is totally foreign to Jewish belief. The Torah teaches us that offerings are a means to draw closer to Hashem – the Merciful God.”

I was also able to identify the ways that I make these types of offerings through the different kinds of prayers that I pray with the help and leading of the Holy Spirit.

I hope you enjoy this study of offerings and are able to see our God and His ways more clearly than ever before.

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