A Van-tastic Surprise

Every once in a while, we get some mail that is obviously heaven sent. Yesterday, in my mailbox, I found a bright, red envelope with cute stickers all over it and knew that it was from a kid. Three kids to be precise. They are the children of my friend and fellow homeschooler, Susan. I had no idea what my friend’s children might be sending us, so I anxiously waited for Shawn to finish reading our Bible portion so I could open it and share it with the kids.

I saw the picture on the front and admired Emily’s artistic talent. (She’s so good) I wondered what it meant: Is this getting ridiculous?. Then I opened it and saw what she wrote on the inside: At least, buy yourselves a wagon…

Then I realized the significance of the picture on the front. It was a picture of our whole family riding on an old-fashioned high wheeled bicycle (a penny-farthing). We were all hanging onto each other trying to travel together in a much too small vehicle.

As I was pondering the meaning a check fell out of the card. It was a check for $355!!! And they wrote in the memo: For your Van!

I couldn’t believe it! This was an unexpected blessing. We have been praying for a van for about 7 years. We used to have a van that was not really big enough for us, but we made it work. But it gave us all it had and then gave up the ghost about 4 years ago. Susan and her family started praying with us for a van then. Since then, all we have had is a car.

How can we do that? We just don’t go anywhere all together. If we all have to go, we have to rent another car.

That’s how we were able to move across four states. We rented a van.

But we have not wanted to get into debt. So we have prayed and waited. Well, we have some money for a pretty good downpayment, thanks to our tax refund, so we are actively looking for a van.

My friend’s children decided they wanted to be a part of this blessing, so they sent us their money. This is seed money, precious in the sight of God.

We aren’t “Rock Stars in the Christian world” or some big ministry with a big list of supporters, but God cares about us. He provides for us even though we are unknown and seemingly insignificant. He doesn’t judge us by our popularity or by the number of people who listen to us. He takes care of us because we love Him and trust Him, and we’re doing what He has called us to do. We are not high profile. We’re the “little ole me’s”. But He cares about us and does miraculous things for us, too.

So if you are a “little ole me”, be encouraged. He will do some awesome, amazing, surprising things for you, too. His blessings are not just for those favored people with big followings. They’re for us little people, too!

I think we in the family of God are supposed to act like family. And I think our Daddy is very proud of us when we do.

So, look up and expect awesome things from your Daddy. And then expect Him to talk to your brothers and sisters about you!


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