A Very Sweet Valentine’s Day

I had a “Give a Mouse a Cookie” moment that won me a date with my hubby. I went up to my bathroom to fix myself up a little so Kelsey could take a picture of me with Kirby. I hadn’t even brushed my hair yet! So I brushed my hair. It still looked kind of poofy from the way I slept, but I was just going to leave it. But I noticed my foundation sitting there on the bathroom counter. I haven’t used it in months (maybe years). I thought, hmmm, I think I’ll put some foundation on. So I did. Then I thought, hmmm, that won’t look good unless I put eye shadow on. So I put some eye shadow on. Surprisingly, I remembered how to do it. Then I put my mascara on (the only makeup I wear regularly). Then I couldn’t leave my hair all poofy. So I wet my hair down and got out my curling iron. I still remembered how to do that, too.

Then I noticed that my shirt was all wrinkly. Funny, I hadn’t noticed that before. So I went to my closet to get one of my old stand-by shirts, and I noticed a fancy black blouse that I’ve never worn. I put that on. I don’t have any fancy black pants or fancy black shoes, but I figured I had done enough by that time. I just left my black Danskin warm-up pants on and my black Reeboks.

While I was doing all that fixing, the thought came to me that I should ask Gary to take me out to eat since it was the day before Valentine’s Day. We were planning to go grocery shopping anyway. What was to stop us from going out to eat first? So I went downstairs looking for Kelsey and Kirby to get my picture taken (and looking for Gary to see if he would take the hint). I couldn’t find any of them. So I sat on the couch and read my Bible. Gary finally came and sat beside me. He didn’t say anything at first, but then he really looked at me and said, “Wow, you look good.” I used that to wrangle a date out of him. We went to eat at Panera and had a nice leisurely chat and then went grocery shopping together. We were both relaxed and enjoyed ourselves more than we have in a long time.

Then I got my picture taken with Gary instead of Kirby.

So I want to know who put my foundation on the counter right in front of my face. When I find out, I’m going to give them a big hug!

We started our Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped waffles. They were good!

Fiona arranged her waffles in the shape of a butterfly. Another budding artist in the family!

Kirby's at it again! Trying to take credit for my cooking successes!

Garrett had some hair issues, so he wet it down and rushed downstairs when he heard me announce on the intercom, “Come get your Valentine waffles!”

Doesn’t Kirby look proud of “his” creation?

Abby ♥’s her waffles!

Here I am telling Chef Kirby that I’m the one who made the waffles, not him. Kelsey takes his side, of course.

We made chocolate cookie dough last night and let it chill over night. Then we shaped it like play-do and made heart-shaped cookies today. Fiona and Emma enjoyed helping me with this part of the party preparations. They tasted yummy.

Fiona decorated her cookie. It doesn’t look chocolate any more! Oh, by the way, I just found out that chocolate is better for you than fruit!
I’m being a very good Mommy, then.

Here are our sandwiches made from the little toast things that started the whole Valentine’s Tea Party idea. They actually tasted really good. We put ham on some, turkey on the other platter with 3 different types of cheese. Kelsey and Anna made them. They also put cubes of cheese on toothpicks and crowned them with green grapes. Then Kelsey put toothpicks in carrots! We had a very nice spread that tasted delicious.

Shawn was in charge of the tea. He boiled the water, took our orders, called out when each person’s tea was ready and sweetened our tea for us.

Patrick got a hold of the camera and took a nice close-up of Garrett.

Then we had this for dessert: fruit pizza! One of my favorite things. It, too, was delicious. Fiona, Kelsey and Morgan made valentines for each of us and passed them out.

Sweet? Yeah, that’s the word for this Valentine’s Day.


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