Planning for Valentine’s Day

Do you plan everything? Do you look at a calendar and see what’s coming and decide how you’re going to handle everything and what you will do in what order?

Well, I don’t.

Not usually anyway. Sometimes I think about things a little bit ahead, but mostly I fly by the seat of my pants. I’m not saying that’s the right way. That’s just how my personality handles life.

But sometimes the Lord steps in to my unplanned life and gives me ideas. Like He did last night.

I was at Walmart and, of course, saw all of the Valentine’s Day stuff. It didn’t move me. No wheels started turning or lightbulbs came on. But I was standing at the deli waiting for Gary to order chicken when I saw these cute little toast things.

Something about these little guys just got to me. They're so cute!

Right then, inspiration struck. I should have a tea party for my kids for Valentine’s Day and make little sandwiches with these little pieces of toast. That set me to looking for other things to serve at our Valentine’s tea party. I found some little red foam plates. I had already picked out red plastic cups, not even in Valentine-planning mode yet. Now the wheels were turning. I went over and got the waffle maker I saw on a previous shopping trip that makes 3 heart-shaped waffles.

This is very cute, too!

Now the wheels were smoking! I got a bouquet of pink flowers.

These flowers have silver glitter on them and a faint rose smell.

I looked at some of the icing-covered cookies and brownie bites, but I really don’t like all of that icing. So I think I’ll do something with heart-shaped chocolate cookies that we make ourselves.

When I got home with the flowers, the kids knew something was up. I told them my plans for a Valentine’s tea party. Morgan said he didn’t want to be at a tea party. That’s for girls. But Kelsey convinced him that it’s not just for girls and it wasn’t all going to be pink. There would be lots of red, too!

I showed them the waffle maker and they were all excited, even Morgan. Anna said, “Sweet!”

So there you have it. I’m planning something several days ahead of the event. I don’t always have to be spontaneous. Now I have more time to get some more stuff for it. I can hear Gary groaning now.

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