Miracles, Blessings and Grateful Hearts

We are in a beautiful house in Pennsylvania.

This subdivision has more room than our old one, but we’re still believing for land of our own.

God took care of us. He answered our prayers in the nick of time and used a miracle or two to do it.

Our beautiful grand house that God provided
Our grand stairway
Our breakfast nook/dining room windows
Bushes of holly in front of our house
See, it really is holly!
Our grand entryway
We did Christmas "light". I bought each child one gift and they opened them on Dec. 26th.
Kelsey decorated the mantel the minute she found a box marked "Christmas".
Us on our grand staircase
Thankful kids
Celebrating Morgan's birthday with a Conga line
Giving thanks
Big back yard
We had a Tea Party and read 4 books about Princess Emma and Princess Abby
Cuteness incarnate
Emma's happy because...
... we made Christmas cookies!
Enjoying our gas fireplace
Birthday present? Christmas present? Gift from God!
Now our Christmas begins! Photo taken Jan. 6

We love Christmas. It is a season of remembering the birth of Jesus and celebrating our family’s love and togetherness. The whole atmosphere is uplifting, joyful and wholesome. Nobody can take that away from us. Our Christmas tree is a signpost that something exciting is coming. We will put gifts under that tree. We give each other gifts because we love and want to bless each other. We constantly point our children to the reason for the season.

Jesus is a gift beyond compare. Our gifts are paltry compared to that great gift that God gave us. But the desire to give is God-given and blessed by Him. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. This season is a set-apart season for giving and blessing and loving and thinking about Jesus. I love it that my children have the memories of past Christmases and enjoy making new memories with their family. These are precious and holy to them – the joy, excitement, family time, and Jesus – not the tree.

There’s nothing pagan about that.

We’re celebrating it now in the time frame that God has given us for it. We do things a little different around here…

And now for your listening pleasure…

Little girls sing a happy song from Penney Douglas on Vimeo.


  1. WOOOO-HOOO!IT IS GORGEOUS!Our God hardly ever does what we expect. Always over & above! I’m so glad I know Him! Bless His Name! You are such an inspiration to us Penney! Wooooo!

  2. LOL! Who needs building blocks when you have spice bottles and canned goods, huh? 🙂 Your children are so precious….and what a beautiful house! I am so happy for you, Penney! You are blessed of the Lord! Oh yeah….and very happy to have you back! ♥

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