Marble Art

Garrett really wanted a bag of marbles he found at Dollar General, so we got them for him. He said he wanted to play with them with Morgan. I don’t know how he knew it, but he was right. Morgan loved them! He played with them for hours and made some nice pictures with them. Here they are:

This is the artist responsible


  1. Aww, that’s about the cutest picture I’ve seen of Morgan! He’s so cute!And what a creative artist! Hey, mom and dad wanted me to ask you to post a picture of the Christmas tree the kids helped decorate! We’re praying for you guys!

    1. Yes, I think it’s the best picture I’ve seen of him, too! He really is cute. He really wanted me to put these pictures on my blog. It’s so nice to have someone want me to post their pictures. He took some of the pictures himself and he told me what to write under his picture in the post. The cute picture of him was taken by somebody – I don’t know who! He says I took it, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

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