Eating Out

We don’t eat out much – usually. But lately we haven’t had much choice. One night we went to Arby’s. They seemed to have designed their dining room with us in mind! We all got to eat together in a section that had four tables enclosed in a square. It was easy to keep the little ones contained in our nook, and we were all close to each other. It was perfect!

The Douglas nook at Arby's
Brother Buddies
The Big Man and the Little Man
Eating Incognito
Little girls who are discovering new buddies in each other

In case you’re wondering, it costs at least $40 to eat out, anywhere we go. We share drinks and fries as much as possible, but we still can’t get enough food for everybody for under that amount.

Mom gave us an early Christmas present of gift cards for McDonalds for each of us which we have made good use of already. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

We ate at CiCi’s twice. They were very good to us. The boys loved the Big Mac pizza! I ate plenty of the normal pizza. We all definitely got our fill there.

We have also eaten at Wendy’s and Long John Silver’s. As wonderful as it is to not have to cook, I’m looking forward to having my own kitchen to bake cookies and make some of our favorite meals again.

Abby loves to put hats on her head, except when she goes outside.

Back at the hotel - time for Monopoly - Good Math practice!!!
Time for Emma to have a fit

We’re sensing some movement in the housing situation. We might live further from Gary’s work than we had originally anticipated, but he’s willing if it means the kids have some land to move around on. We’re going to look at another house or two in the country before we settle for a house in a subdivision.


  1. Penney,

    I think of you all often, and I pray for you. I check your posts every day and hope you find a house soon. I love the pics of the kids, and I think it is a miracle that you could eat out on as little as $40. Although times are frugal, your children will one day look back and remember that special family time spent together as some of the best times of their lives. I know it may sound a bit trite, but with so little material distractions around your family, they are forced to value the presence, creativity, imagination, personality, love, and companionship of one another so much more. When you get into your new home, are able to stretch your limbs without putting someone else’s eye out, and have a chance to bake those yummy cookies, take some time and find a local Christmas light display to visit with your wonderful family. The other night, we drove through the annual Fort St. Clair display, and I thought of you and others and when the homeschoolers used to host a night there. I don’t know if they still do or not, but the lights were pretty. Love to all…


  2. Yes, you’re right about them having few distractions and being forced to value each other more.

    It has caused them to appreciate and spend time with siblings when normally they would have sought other friends or neighbors to play with.

    I’m going to appreciate so many normal things that are ordinarily taken for granted as soon as we have a place to call home again.

    We will be sure to go see some Christmas light displays.

    Thanks again for coming along with us on this journey and keeping us in your prayers, Pat!

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