Occupying the Land, umm, the Hotel


Fiona has built herself a little nest.

Here’s what she keeps in her little nest.

Patrick and Morgan did some training in martial arts in our hotel room. They decided to take it to the gym after banging into doors and walls and people too many times.

Garrett wrestled the laptop away from me and played some PBS Kids games for a while.

Anna read a Nancy Drew book, and Patrick and I listened.

I hope she reads it again tomorrow! I have to know what’s going to happen!

The hotel clerk is a very busy woman. On top of all her other duties, she was supposed to decorate the lobby Christmas tree. Every time I went in there, I saw the boxes of ornaments and the bare tree, and I did some deductive reasoning. I asked her if she would like some help decorating the tree. She said she would love to have some help. So Patrick, Anna and Kelsey went and decorated the tree in the hotel lobby. It looks great. She was very grateful. I was happy that my children were able to bless her and everybody that walks into the hotel lobby.


  1. I also just noticed that I get the title of the post as updates on Yahoo?….but am connected to facebook so not sure which is sending it. Just thought I’d let you know! 🙂 ♥

  2. What happened to the cute picture of Anna on the phone? or was that another post? Fiona looks happy anyway! I hope you guys find a place soon!

  3. Ooooh! I’m sure they enjoyed helping! Wow! We are with you. We’re praying and thanking God for His perfect will in your lives! Glory to His Name! Also, A had a dream of being in her glorified body. She couldn’t find words to express the freedom she felt! yep. I told her that’s wonderful to hear. Reminds me to keep my mind on the things that are above:) I love you, Penney. Talk to me when you can.

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