Mapping the Middle Ages

Maps Help Homeschoolers Learn History

As homeschoolers, we need maps to help us make the history we’re teaching and the stories we’re reading make more sense to our children. If they can see where the events happened as we read a story from the Middle Ages or from the American Revolutionary War or even a classic like Treasure Island, the story will make more sense and will come alive and will be more likely to stick in their memory. And it works the other way as well. The story will help the Geography lesson to be more meaningful.

But maps change over the years. Cities, countries and regions change names. In a particular era, many places and landmarks may have had different names than they would be labeled on a modern map. We need to be able to find the right map at the right time.

These are the needs that homeschool mothers have told Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest Maps are their greatest needs when it comes to maps:

1. Historical maps that will help you navigate through history studies.
2. Accurate maps that show what the world was like THEN and NOW.
3. Maps that are easily downloadable yet inexpensive to print.
4. Attractive maps that you and your children will be proud to display.
5. Lesson plans that will show you what to do with them each week.

If you are studying the Middle Ages, here is the answer to your map needs.

Map Trek: Medieval World

Map Trek meets all five of these demands and more. Here’s what the new Map Trek will provide you:

* 32 Full-color teacher answer maps.
* 28 Blank outline maps for the student.
* 4 Grid maps
* 2 Blank grids (different size grids)
* Instructions for how to use these maps
* Lesson Plans
* Glossary of terms
* 82 total pages
* $14.95

Since these maps are chronological in sequence, you may use them easily with any chronological history program. These maps are meant to enhance your current history program and make it even better.

To find out more about this fantastic resource to make your history study more complete go to:


Terri has Map Trek e-books for Ancient World, New World and Modern World and a CD of the whole collection also available at her website.

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